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xgenus® dc: is even more than this. Certified Unit

de Götzen® technology has been innovative for over thirty years. Today de Götzen®‚ moves forward rapidly with a new technological level achieved in the new xgenus® dc. With ingeniousness, simplicity in design and function this new ac/dc x-ray device represents the future in x-ray technology.

xgenus® dc is functionally simple in design but at the same time is extremely sophisticated in features and benefits providing a single-phase and a high frequency system in one. A system which sets a new standard in quality and safety.

It has been engineered to work at high frequency mode. - its simple, intuitive anatomical controls assure perfect x-ray radiographic results with any patient and technique. - its simplicity of use provides the radiological operator with complete control and a significant savings of time and money.

Thanks to this new revolutionary engineering, with the de Götzen® open system, it is possible to add a second arm and tube head to the first xgenus® ac/dc system (single phase or high frequency): a unique versatility that increases the operating capacity and provides selection of the proper x-ray technology for the diagnosis required, and, at the same time, reducing the economic investment. de Götzen® xgenus® dc is truly an innovative and unique system: the Next Generation.

Discover the de Götzen® patented open system and you will understand why it is even more than this!

Main features:
  • it is a high frequency system at constant potential, that allows the output of very good quality radiations during every use condition
  • xgenus® dc can supply 60/70kV or 4/8mA to optimize the diagnostic value of the intra-oral exposures. It reduces the exposure times of 35% in comparison with the single-phase system
  • it is properly protected against radiation leakage (according to IEC standard: less than 0,25 mGy/h at 1m, the real value can be considerabily less than 0,1 mGy/at 1 m);
  • the focus / skin distance of 12-inch (31cm.) (standard) helps to maximize the use of the paralleling technique. - with the short cone (optional) the distance is reduced to 8-inch (20cm.);
  • the xgenus® timer is a new design suitable to satisfy the most recent hardware and software standards;
  • it is easy to read and fast to set up. - the huge possibility of choosing the pre-set exposure times can be modified when the operator wants to get values suitable to a more personal use;
  • it has the possibility to control two x-ray units. This is absolute new as you can connect two xgenus® (ac technology) or two xgenus® dc, namely: one "ac" + one "dc";
  • the exposure time charts are arranged for films type "D""E""F" and for most part of digital imaging systems;
  • visual and audible signals indicate that the x-ray exposure has been made;
  • it has the possibility to connect the red warning light (xgenus® light) outside the x-ray room;
  • it has the possibility to connect the exposure control button (with safety key) of the timer outside the x-ray room (xgenus® exposure control button);
  • the automatic self-test assures proper operation of all electronic functions (error codes immediately indicate any faults);
  • the safety key is an additional way to prevent improper use of the unit when the system is switched off;
  • it displays the line voltage and collect the operating data during the use;
  • the pantograph arm assures smooth, accurate and firm control. It can be adjusted for 40cm, 80cm (standard),110cm extender arms as well as for unit, ceiling and mobile;
  • the installation of the system is easy and very fast;

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