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xgenus® light and xgenus® ecb: the best technology with the maximum safety.

de Götzen® S.r.l., with these new instruments completes the functionality of the xgenus® and xgenus® dc x-ray systems. The safety is a top priority objective.

xgenus® ecb (Exposure Control Button) is a remote control button placed outside the x-ray room:

  • it is connected to the xgenus® timer;
  • xgenus® ecb controls the x-ray selected on the timer or, as an alternative, a remote control can be connected to each x-ray in order to simplify the usage;
  • the safety key points out the purpose to ensure to the user serenity and safety;
  • it is made of self-extinguishing ABS, according to international standards and laws in force.

Technical data: 13.5x9.5x4cm; total weight: 170g

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