de Götzen® S.r.l.

The de Götzen® S.r.l. company was founded in 1976 with the aim to design and manufacture advanced high technology dental equipments able to meet the various needs of the dentist..

The main purpose is the continuous considerable investment of human and economical resources in the research field. Today, the result of this care, is the manufacturing of several hi-tech medical products with a forefront electronical technology and with a security level higher than the one requested by the standards in force..

A deep scientific knowledge, technical experience, and high-qualified personnel, composed by specialists in the dental field, included the field of the biomedical engineering, allow the design and the production of dental medical devices relevant to different applications: radiology, digital radiology, surface electromyography, implantology..

The devices conform to the requirements of the directive on Medical Devices 93/42/CEE and have the relevant CE marking. The company has held the ISO 9001 since January 1996, at this moment ISO 9001:2008, UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012, CAN/CSA ISO 13485-03.

The factory is located in a 10.000 square meters area, 3.000 occupied by the manufacturing shed, warehouse and the office house. Part of the staff of the firm is employed in the research and development, designing, product quality control, commercial and administration.

All the quality tests are executed during the assemblage of the single components, on the pre-assembled parts and on the finished products, as established by the international standards and laws in force, relevant to the medical devices.

The company collaborates with importers and firms which are worldwide business structured. de Götzen® S.r.l. always have continuous improvement of product and quality management system, client orientation and reciprocal benefits with our suppliers.

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